Ecofrost® 600a

Ecofrost® 600a (Isobutane) is a Hydrocarbon (HC) classified as alkane. Hydrocarbons are refrigerants consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon atoms. These elements are already present in the atmosphere by nature, so they do not constitute a risk for the environment.

Ecofrost® 600a, like other hydrocarbons, is a flammable gas and there are safety issues related to its use. But the use of high efficient hydrocarbon refrigerant Ecofrost® 600a results in reduced refrigerant charge thanks to its thermodynamic properties. This extremely low refrigerant charge (a few grams) makes Ecofrost® 600a completely safe and high-performing.

Moreover the gas requires the use of mineral oils in the compressor of refrigeration units, and that avoids moisture problems related to the use of synthetic lubricants.


Ecofrost® 600a is used in commercial refrigeration: serve-over and self service counters, cold rooms, ice-maker machines, vending machines and refrigerated warehouses.

Ecofrost® 600a is also used in domestic refrigeration: freezers and domestic refrigerators.


  • The absence of ozone depletion potential of hydrocarbons allowed Ecofrost® 600a to be used increasingly not only as working fluid in refrigeration systems, but also as gas for the production of insulating foams for refrigerating machines.
  • Ecofrost® 600a needs a reduced refrigerant charge in the systems because of its thermodynamic properties. And this results in a very low flammability hazard


Recommended Lubricants

Ecofrost® 600a needs the use of mineral oils, which avoids moisture problems related to the use of synthetic lubricants.